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Name: Writosaurus Mex

Strength: lightning fast touch typing (only marginally slower than the flow of ideas)

Weakness: poetry

Habit: climbing the ladder of abstraction in search of the universal in the minutiae

Clear •Accurate •Consistent

Name: Editoraptor

Strength: eats comma splices, split infinitives, and superfluous adjectives for breakfast

Weakness: Oxford commas

Habit: enhancing readability

Typos Format Style

Name: Proofodactylus

Strength: can spot a missing full stop from a mile away

Weakness: define weakness

Habit: dotting i’s and crossing t’s, then checking—just in case—one last time

WordOSaurus is a writing and editing service for those who are short of words or lost for words, or who have the words but want more than Microsoft® Word’s spellchecker for a once-over.

Mek—our chief WordOSaurus—is a writer, editor, blogger, engineer, and sometime *cake-baker. A thick-skinned herbivore who resembles a friendly stegosaurus, Mek thrives in cool climates, gets excited at the sight of a red pen, uses her ferocious growl sparingly, and is partial to the Oxford comma. She has an honours degree in chemical engineering and has undertaken extensive writing and editing training through the Writers’ Studio and The Good Copy. In 2020, she completed the first year of her Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. Mek has flexed her writing and editing muscles as a technical writer and communications officer in the Australian Public Service. She publishes a monthly newsletter, The Raptorial, on Substack. 

*Cakes not included in any of WordOSaurus’s offerings, but your experience is guaranteed to be sweet!

Mek is a meticulous editor. She balances her in-depth understanding of grammatical conventions with the author’s creative vision. Mek knows when to step in and make suggestions in a clear and empathetic manner. Her edits on my work are always insightful and thought-provoking (and she kindly overlooks my penchant for hyphens). With experience in both fiction and non-fiction writing across a broad spectrum, Mek is in a great position to help guide your writing to its intended audience. I would have no qualms recommending Mek for your writing or editing requirements.

Kylie Orr, storyteller

Mek is a total professional, with an eagle eye for detail and a passion for what she does. She’s reliable, trustworthy, generous, and clearly knows her stuff! I love that Mek took the time to understand what I needed, and I really appreciate the explanations she provided with her editing—it’s much easier to take changes on board when there’s a clear explanation. WordOSaurus provides amazing customer service. I got a fast, over the phone answer when I had an editing query just before my deadline. I wholeheartedly recommend WordOSaurus and look forward to using their services again soon.

Domani Madigan, freelance health and lifestyle writer LinkedIn

Mek is a diligent and compassionate editor who treated my work with respect. She has an outstanding eye for detail and ability to make a piece shine. I enjoyed working with and learning from her—I’d recommend her to anyone looking for editing services!

Sarah Stivens, freelance writer and editor

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